I am considering getting the jackson pro pack, the guitar seems to be a good one and the fact that it comes with a headphone amp would be cool since im in college and that way i could practice easily without annoying my roommates too bad. Im new to the guitar world so i really dont know too much.

heres the link to the pro pack:

heres the guitar thats in the pack:

any opinions on the quality of this guitar or possibly suggestions of others to consider.

Im also thinking of these:

Epiphone sg310
Epiphone les paul 100
yamaha pacifica 012 or 112

I dont know about the jackson, but the Epi's and Pacificas wont disappoint beginners... Got a pacifica 112 and it still holds up well
I've never heard of Indian Cedro. The Pacifica 112 might not look that fancy to some people, but it definitely is the best out of those.
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I love Jackson... however, be warned that a JS series axe isn't quite a "proper" Jackson. It's more like a metal Squier.

Having said that, they're supposedly among the best entry-level guitars for metal. The JS30RR got a four star review in some old guitar mag I have lying around, and I tried a couple of JS30s in shops before I realised I had the cash for an X-Series. You say you're new, so you probably don't know how serious a player you're going to become yet - I'd say this was probably an excellent a choice, a cut above the standard starter pack, yet not being foolish enough to dive straight into the world of mid-range prices.

Although, I can also say from experience that the Pacifica 112 is a VERY reliable starter guitar, I'd definitely consider this option if you're not all that metal-focused.
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