Hi, I've been playing the guitar for less than a yr and a half. Can anybody tell me some good solos that I should be able to learn???
knockin' on heaven's door by guns n roses
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Atreyu - Right Side of the Bed
Don't slate me for saying Atreyu, it's an easy, cool solo that's fun to play
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This one is super easy and super short... What I Got by Sublime... really easy its a good starting place if you have no idea where to go
wish you were here Pink Floyd, Getaway Car- Audioslave- Echo- Incubus, They are all pretty easy.
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knockin' on heaven's door by guns n roses

thanks, I'm going to learn that first thing tomorrow
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Throught the Fire & the Flames - Dragonforce

Psshhh. That's way too easy
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check out Easy Solos for Begginers

also a very recognizable tune and one that I was able to play the first month of playing the guitar was the intro to Broken by Seether. there are plenty of tabs on UG for that.
My suggestion would be to use a program to listen to it as well during the playing. If you don't have Guitar Pro the Get power tab. PT is free and is what I use because I'm always broke.
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thanks, I'm going to learn that first thing tomorrow
It's a really simple solo. Also the intro solo for Fade To Black is a good one.
I remember when I was playing about that long one of the solos I was able to do quicker than others was the solo to "Livin After Midnight" by Judas Priest. A fun one to play as well...
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ruby by kaiser chiefs is easy

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