Im looking to get a Carvin V3 head hopefully around Christmas time, I've been wanting one for a long time and have tried it out a number of times as well as anything else I could think of and it offers the best blend of versatility and price for me, plus the Carvin factory is right here in San Diego and like 15 minutes away from me so that's convenient.

I can afford the head but probably not a cabinet for a while, I have a Carvin SX-200 combo right now (their low end solid state combo) and it has 2 12" Carvin British 70W speakers, I don't have a clue how highly regarded these are but I'm assuming they aren't too great considering I got the combo for like $150 (don't remember but they gave me a considerable amount off because I've bought a bunch of stuff from Carvin before)

If I plug the V3 head into the 2 12" Carvin British speakers (in series they are 8ohms and the V3 can do 8ohms no problem, that's not my question) how bad would it sound? I plan on eventually getting a nice 2x12 cab (maybe a Vader or Ear Candy? not sure yet) but for the time being would it sound good enough with these speakers?
Well, it probably would sound bad...Definitely not gettin' the best out of the V3...But it'll work. Do you know out to wire it so you can use the combo as a cab?

My biggest question, though...Why not just get a V3 combo? It'll be just as loud.

Also, if you do go the head + cab rout, maybe also check out Avatar cabinets? Google them. Since it sounds like you just would have enough to buy the head now, Vader and EarCandy are quite pricey...Avatar is still a quality cab, yet affordable.
You're not going to be happy, but it'll work. Check Craigslist out. Maybe you can sell off the Carvin combo and pickup a decent 2x12 cab like an Avatar or something??

http://sandiego.craigslist.org/msg/486500116.html or take a chance w/ this dude - http://sandiego.craigslist.org/msg/488186300.html or make this dude an offer http://sandiego.craigslist.org/msg/492468362.html

Bottom line is sell the Carvin SS

There ya go!
Thanks for the replies, I doubt I'd sell the solid state because it's hardly worth anything and when I get my second guitar in a while I can let my brother use my Explorer to practice a little plus it's always nice to have an extra amp.

I want to get the head so in the future if I end up with multiple heads I could use them all with the same cabinet to save money.
Quote by Midnight Murk
I think he means that he wants to have a cabinet so then he can simply switch the head off if he wanted to play a different amp--no, not all at once.

Exactly. Like say I get the V3 and then later on if I miraculously come into a few thousand dollars and want something ridiculous like a....I don't know Krank or something that's focused mainly on one style of music I'd like to have another amp for softer stuff.....or something, see what I mean? I'd just like to have my options open with a separate head and cabinet.