I've narrowed it down to these amps:

Roland Cube 20x
Vox ad15vt-xl
Peavey royal 8 valveking ( + pedal, if that small valveking is worth it, please suggest wich pedal i should buy )

I'll be playing modern hardcore and metal quietly in my bedroom.

+ If there are any better amps in that price range don't forget to suggest.

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Roland Microcube.
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peavey if you like some distortion. but seriously your going to get different answers to this, cause people are loyal to the amps they have and will hate the others.
Thanks guys. I'd like to hear few more opinions.

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Thanks, few more suggestions ?

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The Roland

almost always take tube over ss... I would use the amp cranked up along with a good distortion pedal, like a Jekyll & Hyde if its not too expensive for you
For metal, the Roland.

If you wanted more versatility, the Vox.

If cranking the amp isn't a problem for you, and you wouldn't mind forking out more for a pedal, then you could consider either the Valveking there, or the Epi Valve Jr, or maybe even the Crate Palomino V8.

It'd be best to try them all out.
The Metal Muff woud be alright, but that gets more of the Slayer style metal tones... the Jekyll and Hyde can do classic rock overdrive, Slayer Type Metal, and Nu Metal kind of stuff, if you cant fork over thee cash for it the Metal Muff is pretty good.