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I'm 14 almost 15 and I play guitar and sing pretty good I think and there's this band in my town who needs a vocalist but there all 18 the youngest member is 16 and they play punk wich is what I play but when I aked them If I could join there band the guitarist said I was too young and he wasn't to nice about it either but the bassist was like shure if you can sing but the guitarist told me no and didn't even give me chance so I was like screw you man and left and a few days later the bassist phoned me and asked me to jam with him he told me that his guitarist left the band and now he needed a guitarist and a vocalist so I was like sweet and said I'd come so now I'm going to go jam with them tommorow and I'm quite nervous about it and I was just wondering if you guys think my voice and my guitar skills are good enough to play with older musicians just to give me a bit of confidence so I'm not totally nervous and **** up so please click my sig and check it out thanks
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The punk hate in this thread saddens me.

My drummer is 14 and I'm 18 and we're fine playing together. Just jam and see how it goes.
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I was in a band with our drummer, who was 18, when I was 14.

But, yes, periods are a very cool thing to use.
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with a bit more practice i think your voice will be just dandy for a punk band, and your skill level seems sound. aslong as the guys you are playing with can help write some good material, i think you are set bro. good luck, we could use some more GOOD punk bands.
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I'm 16 and I've played with people from 18 to 25.
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I think you need to look for chemestry. If you have chemestry with this band then go for it. Also, BE MATURE!!!!!!! If your not these guys will NOT take you seriously.
No 18 year old wants to hang around an immature punk. Our rythym guitarist just turned 15, but he acts like he is 17 or 18. Be yourself, be natural and sing your heart out. Good luck man, and if they dont want you make your own band and rub it in thier face.
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Do you think an 18 year old is really going to want to hire a singer thats barely hit puberty? Think about it. Just give it a couple of more years and you can do whatever you want.
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you have a good voice, go for it!
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Go for it, man. You're songs sound pretty sweet.

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