Hey whats up Rockers i just ordered a new ESP F-50 guitar But i dont know how to play i dont know anything about Playing the guitar so i was wondering if someone could help me in finding where i should start!!!! Thank You hope i hear from you soon cheers!
You should probably get lessons if you want to progress quickly, and that way you'll be able to ask questions and have things shown directly to you, which is a great help.

MONSTA EDIT: Check out guitar and bass basics forum.
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also, check out the lessons on ultimateguitar.com home page, they have some very good beginners lessons there,
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I'll compile a list of lessons that you should go through in order, just to start out. All of these lessons are from UG and can be found under "Lessons" (shown at the top middle of the UG page).


These three lessons are good to lightly read through, just to get you acquainted with your guitar.
Getting to know your guitar , Getting to know your guitar pt.2
Getting to know your ELECTRIC guitar

These are for when you're ready to start learning to PLAY the guitar
Reading guitar tab
Tuning your guitar

Good luck and feel free to ask anyone on UG for help if you need it!
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