What songs could you guys play at around 3 - 5 months of guitar?
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through the fire and flames by dragonforce

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most basic Maiden songs, almost all AC/DC, All Ramones songs, anything that didn't require shredding
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Umm I can't really remember very well, all I know is I could play the whole of Santeria by Sublime (solo inc.) and Scar Tissue by the Chili Peppers, along with more simple things. Perhaps a few more complex songs, can't really remember.
Purple Haze was my pride when I had been playing for about 4 months.
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Quote by JordanFlayer
most basic Maiden songs, almost all AC/DC, All Ramones songs, anything that didn't require shredding

almost all ac/dc...thats a lie
Most rage songs:

killing in the name
Take the power back

audioslave songs...

plush- stp
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hmm cant stop, wish you were here intro, seek and destroy (but not the solo), sweet dreams (again not the solo), iron man (not the solo xD), crazy train intro and some random chord songs x)
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Around that time I could play things like Purple Haze, Californication, All Right Now, Seek and Destroy (Except solo), Freebird's rhythm guitar, all of the ScOM lead except the solo's, and the ScOM rhythm. And more GnR' easy songs. Plus all the usual stuff you learn when you start like Iron Man, Smells Like Nirvana, etc.
Iron Man... that's all I remember that I could play. It was at least 5 years ago... and I don't even remember how to play Iron Man anymore XP
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i think it was stairway (without the solo), some Nirvana songs and pretty much all of System of a Down's stuff.
Thanks for the replies everyone. ^_^
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'99 Standard MiM Strat
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the distance by cake, everybody wants you by damone, the intro to sunshine of your love, day tripper intro, and by 5 months i began experimenting with BASIC pentagonic soloing. ive never been a big song learner
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Beast and The Harlot-Avenged Sevenfold(Rhythm Part),R To the Core-Dir En Grey (Rhythm and Lead),Reila(aoi's solo)-The Gazette

Those were pretty easy to learn so uhh yeah....
I'd already played bass about 5 years but about that time I was playing some stuff by Death... minus the solos.
Sunshine of Your Love-Cream
Killing In The Name-Rage Against the Machine
Most Nirvana Songs
Lots of piss easy Blink 812 songs
Most of Walk
T.N.T. by AC/DC

AnalogMan Stereo Chorus
Barber Tone Press
Way Huge Supa Puss
Down with the sickness (but I played the intro wrong)
Smoke on the water
My Girl (I originally learned it on bass)
Spiders, Chop Suey, Arials, and Toxicity by System of a Down
Purple Haze
The wind cries mary
Crazy Train (everything, but the non tapping parts of the solo, I don't know why, but tapping came EXTREMELY easy to me)
The last tapping part of Eruption

probably a few other things.