hey, i was just wondering about the usability of the boss br-600 and quaility compared to a getting a mbox and pro tools???
well obviously you'll achieve more professional sounds out of the pro tools system, but that'll take a while to get used to, so if your starting to record, i would go for the boss.
i have a br 600. the quality is very good, which also depends on what you are running into it, as with any recording software or recorder. its fairly easy to use and has LOADS of effects and mastering crap. i still havent gotten to using everything yet. i dont have pro tools or an mbox, but if you want something cheeper go for the boss. if you have the money get the pro tools if thats what ur asking.
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the MTR will work good but you'll have a hard time editing each track...
pro tools is a great program but costs a lot...

overall I suggest getting into pro tools from the start as you can edit and all easier.
The quality will be good but you'll always be limited to how well you are able to use the program so be sure to read manuals, tutorials, and try to get an audio class that teaches pro tools.