My speakers make this weird sound when i am about to get a call or a text or pic message or something on my phone, but only when its close to the speakers. this happens even when theyre turned down, but not off. it kinda sounds like a silent but deadly fart, and sometimes it sounds like when someone blows into the mic on the phone. like a crackling but airy sound. i know this is normal, but im just wondering what causes it, cuz im always just like "im getting a text message..." then i look down and my front screen lights up "New Text Message" and i never know why it does it. does anyone else get this?
That used to happen with my guitar amp when I'd turn the distortion up and hold the strings down to avoid feedback. For some reason, I could swear I heard my mom's conversation on the phone in the other room through my amp.
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speakers on same frequency as your phone..usally does same thing on TV's to...it is very annoying
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maybe because the electrical waves and networking stuff gets mixed up?

and my speakers do it all the time because theres a phone in the other side of the wall...either that or maybe something eles
The only way i can get rid of it is to turn on some music or something. either that or turn my speakers completely off. it sucks.