I'm trying to decide between which of those two mics to get... I like the e609's ease of use (getting the sweet spot of the amp easily) but the SM57 (obviously the tried and true mic) is just plain obvious. But which one do you guys think is the beter option overall? I play in a wird band that is a mix of hard rock, folk, progresive rock, funk rock, metal, and mellow rock (thats the best way to describe the last genre). Not all genres at the same time of course, but anyway I love high gain distortion and vintage sparkly cleans and I'm getting a B-52 AT-212 to match the mic up with as our band is starting a recording studio.

So yeah that should give yo a vague idea of my music style... Do any of you know from experience which mic would be better?
i considered the sennheisers for a drum mic setup, but the sm57 package was a better deal.

maybe you should experiment with both? i mean, if you're recording, you're probably gonna have more than 1 mic with you.
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the sm58 is basically the sm57 isnt it? but has like a filter or w/e. so ive heard
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58 is tuned for vocals, 57 is for instrument. Try the 57 beta!

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