Hey guys sorry of there is already a thread for this but i cant find it
I just wanted to no what are the best Lp Copies out there besides epiphone i dont want that and i need a decent one with a decent price. Im in hight school and im not made out of money (that would be sweet tho) but i really like the way tey look and feel

Know Any

Epiphone LP's are the best copies I would say. They're not terribly expensive either, may be able to find a used one for around $300, closer to $400 new.
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theres an epi lp jr thats only 100 bucks on musiciansfriend.com free shipping too
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There are some good Agile copies.



They kick Epiphone's ass IMO.

I have one.
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Tokai are the best 'true' LP copy. Suitable for everything, look right, etc.

Vintage make very good copies too, but tend to orientate their LPs more for blues (especially the stock pickups, and the slightly thicker than usual necks).

ESP/LTD make good LP copies for metal, though the ESP ones can cost a lot and the LTD ones can be a bit sub-par quality if you get the very basic ones. They're also much less flexible than any other LP copy I've tried.

Edwards and Agile are about equal, I rank them as being like Tokai, just lower quality. The exceptions are the very top end LPs that Agile make, though by the time you get to that price brand, you're best off getting an Epiphone Elitist or mid-range Gibson anyway.

There's also the Michael Kelly Patriots, which everyone here seems to have a hard-on for, though personally I find them ugly (too different from the usual LP shape), I've never been impressed by them when I've played them (though admittedly I've only played three), and they cost far more than I think they're worth, to be quite honest.

All that said, I think the best non-Gibson LPs, are the Epiphones, if you are able to play a lot of them and pick out one of the rare, superb-quality ones. if you cna't do that though, then yeah, they're pretty rubbish, and they're the one and only guitar brand that you really can never risk buying online, which is a pain since stores tend to add a lot of markup to them.