If you watch the live version of stairway, Jimmy does a little slide movement whenever he plays the intro, and from what ive seen, no tabs cover where this slide takes place, anybody know??, (i dont wanna half ass this song
well, who knows, i may be out of tune, when I try but a tab would help to make sure.

I learned the basic way to do it first, then I figured out my own way to make it sound cool. You should do that too; it will feel a lot better haha
If it's the part that you mean, I believe it is done on the e and g strings by sliding up to 5 on both strings, down to three, and then two on g and 1 on e. Then, you do a 1h3p1 on the e string. Sorry if that didn't make any sense.
Is it the slide on 5th string (A) from 2nd fret up to 6th before playing the 5th fret and starting the chord-shape arpeggios that you mean?

Try that, and see if that's what you mean. I play that anyway.
he just makes it more interesting for the crowd, if he played only the note from the studio version it would be kinda boring, as well as the solo is so much long that the tabbed version, thats the idea of live versions
true, the solo can be whatever I make up, but idk that one goddamn slide is jus a lil flashy in any sense, and i jus couldnt get it down,
Thank for the help!
yeah its the one were you play the intro riff first and once you finished it you slide from the second fret on a to the 6th or 8th fret or whereever and then you star the arpeggio riff again
there a tab for it... Search Stairway to heaven and pick the live version. Anyway this is how to play it;