Wrote and recorded this song today when i didn't have to go to school. Played the guitar, drums, and bass myself, so go easy on the drums and bass; guitar is my main instrument. Any crit would be nice! The song is in my profile.
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That was a damn good song!

To be honest when you said go easy on the drum and bass I thought it was going to ruin the song but you're pretty good on the drums. I like intro with the dualing funky chords and the theme was cool. Amazing for a one day job! Only thing I think you could improve on was the drum fill. From the rest of the drums you seemed like you could do way better!

Thanks man! Well when i know of every single mistake i made its hard to listen past them but thanks for your encouraging words! Like said it was just a jam that was super fun to write and record so i'm glad you got a kick out of it! Criting yours now..
Recordings of me and my band in my profile
not half bad.

definally not half assed.

interesting style.
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Dude... I wish my days off were even half as productive! That was cool. I sat back and REALLY enjoyed listening to the song. And I thought the instrumental quality across the board was great.

I wasn't sure at first about some of the rhythmic tic-a-tic-a-tic-a picking stuff, but it grew on me. And I thought the building of tension and drama in the leads was sweet!
That was really good dude. I think you went just a little bit overboard with the stuff in the middle. Other than that, really class song.
First of all, I would give half of my left nut to be able to do that... I have the equipment - just not the skill. Thus, the user name!

A couple of comments:

The acoustic intro is very well done but gets a little to involved to the point where I thought the song was going to be an acoustic song - not that there's anything the matter with that.

The transition from the intro into the main part could have been smoother. I'm thinking that the first chord on the electric should be at the same time as the last acoustic chord with the acoustic sustain lasting a few chords into the electric part. Take a listen to Ratt - Back for More - the original version with the 12-string intro.

A bass track would really glue the thing together. You obviously have multi-track recording capability. If you don't have a bass, you can get a cheap Ibanez from Guitar Center for $150. If you don't know how to play bass, all it needs is a simple one-note-at-a-time thing where the bass play the low not of the current chord. Playing a C chord for a measure? The bass plays a C (3rd string 3rd fret) in a steady 1-2-3-4 for the measure. This would really hold it together when you transition from one section of the tune to the next.

If an overall grade of A+ is for professional studio / professional music composition / professional performance, I give you a B+. Well done!
Thanks for all the comments everyone! I started thinking maybe just 3 or 4 acoustic chords to start it off but all of the sudden a full acoustic minute just hit me and i just kept it. I agree with the transition between acoustic and electric, definitely at full potential. I meant to go back to it but i just wanted to progress farther and should have redone it while i had the chance.

By 'stuff in the middle' do you mean the distorted soloing? Because if so, i know the length of the heavy soloing might be a little excessive but i wanted that to be the high point of the theme of the song.
Recordings of me and my band in my profile
this was definitely not what i was expecting at first...but i really liked the acoustic intro. the transition was a little odd to me...just because it did seem like it was going to stay acoustic. this is pretty interesting though...the playing is very good. i like the almost quirky little guitar parts a lot. its always hard for me to judge an instrumental song, but this didn't get repetitive and the quality sounds pretty good. overall it was enjoyable to listen to and i thought the drums sounded great. thanks for the crit.
... Sounds like you had a productive day, I liked it quite a bit. The quirky little staccato picking parts w/ the stops was cool, but I wasn't expecting the pickup in the pace. I'd say 7/10, only because it could have been presented a little better audio-wise - but pretty damn good for 1 day of work. Good to know you can visualize it, go for it, and acheive what you want, eh?

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I liked the song, you displayed some skill on guitar it sounded very nice. The 'tremolo' like part was maybe a bit to long i liked the effect but it tends to cut the groove from your song.

When i have to give you a mark it would be a 8/10
Very nice man, i wish the days off i have makes me come up with stuff like that. as you can tell i'm a bassist just recently bought a guitar so i know some. I'm guessing on the solo/rift area it was a phase shifter. am i right? i don't know if you talked about it in earlier comments because i didn't feel like reading them. but yes i give 8.5/10
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Thanks again everyone. The tremelo part was just kind of my personal taste, trying to see if i can play fast but still have it be melodic and tastefull. And you the effect on the clean guitar is a flanger, good guess with the phase shifter tho.

But yeah everybody got the day off school due to a threat, got the idea for the acoustic intro, clean 1st half, distorted second half in my head in the morning and just went from there. Figured i'd make it major because i tend to neglect major chord progessions more than i should.
Recordings of me and my band in my profile
Pretty ****in fresh. good ****! Gotta love those soul guitar solo's.
I'm 16 and i've been playing for about 3 years now.
Recordings of me and my band in my profile
well done dude - the song builds to a good climax near the end, and some good guitar work from you. Great job on Bass and Drums as well. I would only suggest making the lead guitars a little higher in the mix, and working on your vibrato.

Great work!