What would happen if I put a bridge pickup in the neck position? Would it make a difference in sound to having a neck pickup in that position? Lol just curious, cuz I just took out my Dimarzio evolution bridge pickup for an EMGHZ and was wondering about putting the Dimarzio in place of the stock Hamer neck pickup....any help is appreciated!

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it would sound brighter than your tipical neck pup

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Good call on this question. Recently I've been wondering that same thing! Great minds think alike!
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Great minds think alike!


Sorry. Inside joke. It would jsut be a bridge pickup, in the neck slot.
It would still give that neck pickup sound, but with a bit more of a trebly edge to it. It might also be a bit louder than a usual neck pickup
Some pickups arent sold as neck or bridge, most are. I see alot of people switching the EMGs around and seem to like the way they sound. But yea generally the bridge is wound hotter than a neck. Places like seymore duncan and dimarzio put alot of effort into building the right pickup for the right use. Others not so much. All you can do is try it and see. I know its a pain in the butt if you dont like it to change it back.
well i see some people with the EMG 81/81 set up and a couple of people putting an 85 in the bridge.

i think a lot of it is down to personal preference really
Top lel.
. . hasn't anyone noticed he swapped an EVO for an EMG HZ?

Tut tut. (this may be such a shock as I'm a Vai obsessive)

And it won't like explode or anything, it'll just be a higher output pickup for the neck.