Hey, I haven't written anything in a while and haven't posted on here in a while, but this is my new song, "A Chance To Say Goodbye." So tell me what ya think etc, I'll listen to your stuff if you leave me a link


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-Ardal O'Hanlon

ME \/
Great stuff =)


Ive been waiting for some good acoustic stuff for forever.

I dont have any songs up, but feel free to crit my lyrics.
Really good song =). I love the strumming pattern, the fingerpicking and then the melody towards the end. Your voice sounds great too, suits the music perfectly.
One small crit: in the choruses, I think, you seem to strum quite hard at points and the music fuzzes a bit.

Sounds awesome!
I like it, the addition of backing vocals was especially well done given the usual quality around here. Sound quality overall was pretty good, a little fuzziness particularly on the guitar in the chorus like the other guy said but not too bad. I like the little acoustic solo, everything flowed pretty well, maybe a little off into the strumming at the start. I liked it, good job.