This is just kind of weird concept I thought up the other day for no reason: If you could compare each shredder to a classical composer, who do you think they would be?

For example, an obvious one might be Yngwie Malmsteen with JS Bach. They both have baroque stylings, and Malmsteen even credits Bach for quite a bit of his music.

Another less obvious example might be Steve Vai and Frederic Chopin. Each of them has an intimate sense of their instruments (guitar and piano, respectively) that makes them stand out from the crowd.

These are just starts. Feel free to be more precise.

For extra credit, you might try to compare some of the shredders with jazz legends. This seems pretty hard to me.
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Joe Satriani to Ludwig van Beethoven

Each has a complete emotional understaning with their music.
Joe helped make shred a genre of it's own. Beethoven sparked the Romantic Movement in music.