Poll: Would you let someone else choose your next guitar?
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View poll results: Would you let someone else choose your next guitar?
2 4%
Yes, only if he/she knew me REALLY well
19 39%
Most likely not, thats kinda scary
8 16%
NEVER!! I want to pick out every detail f my guitar
20 41%
Voters: 49.
Ok originally i was going to get an MIA fender for Christmas, as many people here kno. but then the guy who runs my local shop pointed out something: i can get exactly wat i want for much cheaper.

so what he and my dad are going to do is find the guitar that does what i want and get it, but then surprise me.

ok so heres the real question: would you ever let someone else pick out your next guitar for you?

i am, and im actually really excited about it, cause i dont kno what im getting
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i'd rather do it myself, unless they pick one that has everything i want in a guitar.
Well... My bandmates and i bought our lead guitarist a guitar together and got it airbrushed and everything... so... if your not paying for it then yea let them choose.
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If it is free, sure why not. If I'm laying the cash out for it then no...
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if its my bro-in law yeah, cause he been palying for like 18 years and he actually picked my last one for me
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What I would like is to have someone buy me the exact guitar I wanted. For example, if I pointed out something to my parent(s), and they said they wouldn't buy it for me for whatever reason, and then I show up at the shop the next day and it's been purchased. And whenever that holiday comes up I open a gift and it's the guitar.

Or they could just be psychic about it.

Or I could just get jack sh*t.

Any one of those is cool.
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Well I would let them pick it and then say if I want it or not.

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I've gotten 2 guitars as gifts so far. My parent's don't know anything about guitars so both times I them the guitar's exact brand and model name and a picture of it. If someone that was as equally knowledgeable of guitars as I am wanted to buy me one, I'd definitely let them. A free guitar's a free guitar.
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If they're paying for it, then sure, it's the thought that counts, buying me a guitar like that. If I'm paying for it, ONLY if we both know exactly what guitar I want and I trust them to that and THAT only.
Nobody knows my taste in guitars. Hell, I don't even know my taste. I buy feels right, and sounds great to my ears, that's in my budget. Who else is going to be able to do that for me?
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most of my guitars have been picked out for me : \

my first guitar i knew nothing so me and my dad went by the sales reps word

then when i got a strat i picked it out

then my acoustic explorer and les paul were gifts from dad.. all he knows is it sounds good and ppl he likes have played them (exept the acoustic, he just got the pretty red one that sounded good when the sales guy played it)

and my Dano i picked out
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only person I would even consider letting pick out a guitar for me would be my tutor and thats because he knows whats good in a guitar and he knows my style

my parents, ,,,mosta my friends ,,,, no way in hell lol

the ones that have guitars,,,certainly not they dont know the difference between a major chord and a power chord let alone my guitar needs

so in short,,,no
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It's like having your parents pick out a car for you. You dream of a mustang gt and they buy you a geo.
i did, i know the guy at my local shop well so i told him exactly what i needed in a guitar and then he broght me one and i fell in love with it instantly
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I would NEVER let my parents buy a guitar for me because they would get me a £10 one from Argos and think I would like it just because it is black....¬_¬

"you know they sell guitars for only £10! in Argos! and you spent £200!"

and it's like....yeah, nan....there is a reason for that.