Hi, just siemple and direct. I'm ****ing tired of pentatonic scales. What scales should I play instead?. I play metal. Thanks
my uncle gave me this really nice chart of scales...i could try to get a copy of it for you if you like..or just google it
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for a real answer... id suggest minor scales. and all 3. natural, melodic and harmonic. even tho melodic is Bull**** in my opinion. might as well learn it.
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Why is melodic bull**** in your opinion?
Im curious
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To the TS, look through the modes and find one you like.

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What kind of metal? Suggest bands that are similar.

Minor scales in general would be good.
For dissidence, diminished scales, augmented scales, eh.
More foreign sounding scales are double harmonic/byzantine, harmonic minor.
All of those can have a good darker sound.
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For dissidence, diminished scales, augmented scales, eh.
More foreign sounding scales are double harmonic/byzantine, harmonic minor.
All of those can have a good darker sound.

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you could try them all, there is no such thing as a scale that should be used or not used for any one genre ,,, before someone says it no not even the blues scale (its not even a real scale would you believe lol)

but a tip if you are getting bored of minor pentatonic try expanding into the natural minor,,,like adding natural minor notes to pentatonic phrases, or mixing natural minor and pentatonic phrases together
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I don't know if you get the magazine Total Guitar where you are. If you do it comes with a chart of scales this month in poster form...
^ im buying it then *drools*
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Maybe you don't know enough about pents, they're just scales with the half steps omitted.

A - C D E - G A (minor)

C D E - G A - C (major)

Even though the omitted notes are part of the scales they can be used as dissonants or leading tones which add colors to the music. There are 5 pent shapes which correspond with 5 chord shapes which covers the modes too. Look up the CAGED system to learn more.

You can do a lot with pents but you'd need to learn more about 'em. Learning the full scales helps you to pick out pents, chord tones, triads (chords), etc. The CAGED system covers 'em all. Once you see it it's rather easy and covers the whole fretboard.

There are oodles of methods out there but the CAGED system gave me a good understanding of the musical structures and the 5 scales are linked by roots (octaves) so it's continuous back and forth on the fretboard. The only thing missing is your imagination.
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Maybe you don't know enough about pents

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