Pretty decent for it's price.
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I bought an ltd viper 50 used and the neck surprised me. Very decent (good frets) but the rest of the guitar were pretty flacky (poor paint job and cheap pots). I put my GFS hot nashville pup in the bridge and it became a nice jammer. A friend wanted this guitar and offered double for what I paid so I sold it to him.
I own it. It sounds preatty well for me. The pups are good. Good sound for the price.
just add a bit more and you can get a far superior RG321. Im no Ibanez fan, in fact im a big fan of ESPs. But if i were you i wouldnt get any LTDs below 300. I've tried agathis body and it was a big turn off imo. Sure its for drop tuning, I play dropped and low tunings too, C standard on my EX400BD. And thats when you DONT want the muddy tone of the agathis to manifest.

Thats just my opinion. Save up and get a decent one.
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Squire FSR Affinity Detonator? I actually played this one a few days ago at Sam Ash. It really surprised me. Rivals the low end Ibanezes as far as build quality and sound go.

EDIT: Either way, stay away from the low end ESPs. There are definitely better guitars for that money. An Ibanez GRG170DX is a little more expensive but it would be another good alternative.
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