Well, I'm trying to learn Sea Of Lies, and I'm working on the main riff. However, what's getting me, is how do I play it and mute the open string when I stop playing it? I'll show you the tab so you can see what I mean.


Ok, so when I'm playing on the G, it's fine, but then I go to hit the notes on the C. How do I quickly mute the G-string (please no jokes) without making a harmonic or whatever? Also, I'm not palm-muting it. Should I be?

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It looks like you should palm-mute it (which also fixes the muting problem), but I haven't heard the song myself.
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Im not familiar with the song/riff and what parts are supposed to be muted, but id say palm muting is the way to do it anyway.
I've tried playing the song, and according to what it sounds and you should be palm muting everything played on the g-string
Well the tabs I've been reading have had it not palm-muted, so I've been playing it open, but if you guys reckon I should palm-mute it I'll try it.
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palm-mute the g and lift your palm to unmute the c and the g won't ring out, it's a tricky riff but as long as you mute the g it sounds grand.
When you are fretting the note after the open string part, simultaneously fret the fifth fret with your index finger and put the tip into the open string to stop it. If it is palm muted, that helps, but it is good practice to do that anyways.
Matheau your idea has a lot of merit, but how do you stop it from producing a natural harmonic?
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I played it and i mute the strings by either my picking hand thumb stopping it ringing, or ill move my finger thats doing the 7-5 bit to mute the ringing open strings and it dont ring out at all.
Yeah that's what I've thought of, but the thumb on the string would make a pinch harmonic would it not, and muting the string with your fretting hand fingers would produce natural harmonics would they not because of the position your fingers are?
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i dont get any problems with pinch harmonics or even any noise on max distortion, ok im packing a strat not known for squealing at the touch of a string but i think any pinch harmonics need to be deliberately in the right spot.
Yeah ok, fair enough. I'll give it a shot. Just for the record, I'm running a Monterey Les Paul through a 15-watt Laney amp.
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