hello everyone im thinking in buying the pod 2.0 i heard that i can get a really cool metal sound like real bands and stuff but i was wondering how can i plug it in my pc what cables do i need? i saw some pics and the pod doesn't seem to have usb do i need like a sound card or what, and also i want to know if i can use this pod and plug it into my amp do i need some extra gear? thx for your help and happy holy days
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I just plug my pod2 straight into the mic input on my sound card. Just be very careful about how much output volume you dial in as the pod will happily overload your card and blow it up.

All you will need to do is to flick the output mode switch over to direct on the pod and you are in the zone!
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The 2.0 does not have a USB output. I'm assuming you're using your computers stock sound card. You can pick up a 1/4" - 1/8" adapter to plug into your sound card's 'mic in' input. If you've got a sound card with stereo RCA inputs, get a stereo 1/4" - stereo RCA cable. That's what I use with my PodXT when recording. The PodXT has a USB output (includes USB cable) I still prefer using the stereo outputs.
If you get the Pod go to the licklibrary web site and order the DVD and book on how to use it. Well worth the money.
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thx for the help guys i appreciated so the pod also works like a pedal if i plug it into my amp?
i have another question, i know u can download a software and u can control all the settings and all that but my question is how i am going to control the settings with a regular audio cable and no usb connection? or do i need another pod with usb lol 200 is my limit
hey i been thinking about it and i think pocket pod is better what you guys think? it has usb and amp output i dont need a footswitch in order to work with my amp right plus pocked pod is cheaper , thx also i want to know if i can get cool heavy metal metalcore deathmetal tones with that thx cya