Hello UG'rs I have a Indiana les paul copy and it has some fret buss, how do i get rid of it? The guitar has a Tune o matic bridge. thanks!
i would either raise the action or file the fret down as a very last resort but filing frets can be dangerous i wouldnt if i didnt have to
add a little relief to the neck by turning the truss rod slightly counter clockwise
this allow the strings to pull the neck slightly inward and gets rid of fret buzzing
you probrably need an allen wrench to do this and remember it only needs a little turning
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You can take it to get the frets dressed and leveled should make it alot better to play.
I had this problem with a Les Paul. You could either raise the action or use strings with a different gage.
lighter strings - higher action, make sure the truss has been adjusted (its getting up to winter.. will have bent a bit).
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where is the buzz?

what strings and what frets?

do you hear it thru ur amp when you plug in?

when it comes to action adjustments,
usually you'll want to start at the bridge.

loosening the screws on the top of the bridge posts.
that will loosen the thumbscrews underneath, so you can spin and raise them. they are pointed to by red arrows in this pic.
then tighten it all up again.

in some cases, the neck will have to be adjusted.
so repost with questions.

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