Hello Everyone.

Can anyone give me a full info on how to sing in a pipe/tube while playing guitar(you know what I mean)?????
I gotta know this. Will taping a pipe beside a microphone will work. I wanted to do Purple Haze intro with my overdriven Strat like this in my upcoming college programme but I cant figure it out. Will it work?
Do you mean a talk box? If so, just google it. A talk box basically consists of a horn driver (usually) and tube is running to the "speaker." Changing your mouth shape alters the compression and therefore the tone. Obviously it's slightly more complex than that, but not much. That is, assuming you were referring to a talk box?
I'm going to assume you are talking about a talkbox, in which case it basically just sends the sound from your guitar to your mouth, and by moving your mouth in the shape of words you shape the sound making it sound like your guitar is "talking." There are all kinds of videos and instructions on making simple, cheap talkboxes, but if you want to buy one, the Rocktron Banshee is a good buy, or if you have the setup (click here and scroll down to the bottom for more info, the Heil would probably be the way to go.


How to achieve Frank Zappa's guitar tone:
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