Basically, I want to diversify my tone.

I currently play a gibson faded sg, a mexi telecaster, and an original 60's fender cyclone.

Basically looking for new pickups for the sg/telecaster. Also debating semi/hollows or a epi black beauty with a pickup change. (Can't justify gibsons prices)

I currently play metal, rock and blues. I have a randall rg75g3 cand a fender champ 600.

price range is under a grand canadian for any upgrades/new guitar.

Also, any wah pedal suggestions would be nice.
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Well, think about this first:

What kind of change do you want in your sound?

If you're looking for minor tweeking a pickup change will be a good thing. If you want a drastic change, start thinking about a different amp or guitar.

When deciding on a new guitar, just go out and play a bunch of different models. The Epiphone semi-hollows are very nice, but different from the black beauty and the guitars you already have. Is it going to be a good guitar for you?

When deciding if your amps are adequate, it's a matter of finding out, by using diferent guitars and settings, if it's able to produce or get close to the sounds you like.


-get your amps sorted out.

Happy with the amps?

-go for a big change: get a new guitar, a semi-hollow would add to the diversity of your collection, but it might not be what you're looking for.


-go for minor change: swap out the pickups in your current guitars.


-the full monty: new guitar and new pickups.
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