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its on the same day.. and i dont know what to choose.

CoB are my favourite band, and i really wanna see em live..

but the school prom is on the same night.

im not going with anyone, and i seriously doubt anyone will ask me/wanna go with me, i dont feel as if anyone really likes me anymore..
and i dont wanna dress up and ****..

but everyones like "oh you gotta come" but i really don't have a ****ing clue...

help plz?
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CoB all the way. Prom sucks. All you do is dress up, listen to some crappy music, "dance", eat, and then go home.
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CoB all the way. Prom sucks. All you do is dress up, listen to some crappy music, "dance", eat, and then go home.

exactly also you get to see everyone else dance around with their date which imo is pretty ****
You only get one prom...

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If you think predict that you will be bored at the prom, pick the concert.
Its not about doing things because its your only chance, but doing things you're going to enjoy.
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If you have a junior and senior prom, the go to the damn show.

Youll have another prom.

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concert, i'm not going to the prom i'm going paintballing and bowling instead 'cause i'm cool...

**** the prom
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The prom is overrated. I guarantee you will spend more on prom tickets than you would CoB tickets. It should be no contest. CoB will rock your **** off!
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and i dont wanna dress up and ****..

You have to dress up to do that?

anyway, I'd suggest you ask someone to Prom. if they say no, then o well, youve got a concert to go to
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Bodom end of story. proms are ****ing lame anyway

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i say prom, but only if you wise up and ask someone.
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its so good to be back!
Jeez are you kidding? Prom was stupid amounts of fun, plus the afterparty was just plain WILD. You'd be doing yourself a disservice if you went to a concert (doesn't matter who it is!). There'll be other times to go see CoB, but there's only one prom in your life. Dont make a mistake.
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If you have no girl to go with to the prom pick CoB - proms make no sense without a girl.
If it were me.. I'd take the girl I was going with to the prom to the concert :P... CoB are my absolute fav band... and I think that she would agree to go with me to the concert instead of some stupid prom, hehe.
if you are a geek then go to the gig.
if there is a chance you will get laid then go to the prom.

i went to both my proms (high school + 6th form) and i was bored at both of htem, coz i wasn't one of the 'cool' kids.
I've been to Prom and I've seen Bodom live, and i had way more fun at the concert than i did at prom

some people love prom, if you like the dancing/dinner/friends from high school, then go, especially if you're going to an after party

perosonally had there been a good concert on my prom night, i would have definitely skipped the prom

and for everyone who says there will be plenty of chances to see Bodom again, well im sure thats what most Nirvana fans said if they missed in utero tour...
I'd go for the concert myself, only possible exception being if there was someone 'special' I wanted to go to the prom with.
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i would go see CoB. prom is just legalized prostitution run by parents.

That is such an awesome quote...
The Prom is as much fun as you make it, it could be better than CoB or it could be worse. If you there and put in a bit of effort, joke around, have few drinks, dance with a few girls etc. then you'll have a great time but if you go there and just stand around on your own doing nothing it'll suck...
dude, are you dumb?....eff the prom! prom is for pussies and cry babies who think they're popular. Go the the gawddamn concert man!

believe me...if your going to the prom because of a chick or a few friends your dumb....real friends would say eff the prom and go to the concert with you. You'll find other friends.
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