Any fans of Oasis, namely Noel Gallagher and Gem, will be aware of the Acoustic tours they did at the latter part of 2006. On that tour, Noel and Gem played some classic songs but very differently.

The chords themselves were changed for songs like Slide Away, Dont Go Away, Dont Look Back in Anger and Wonderwall (Capo on 3!).

I've been playing guita for 11 years now only ever acoustic chord based stuff, but in the last 6 months I've been learning riffs. I can do Columbia, Shakermaker, Supersonic, intro for Cigs and Alcohol, Its Good To Be Free, Acquiesce, Importance of Being Idle and SUnday Morning Call. That being said, my fave songs EVER by Oasis are:- Live Forever, Dont Look Back In Anger and Slide Away.

I cant seem to do the normal solos for these songs posted on the site, so what Im after is if someone could manage to tab the "easier looking" riffs that Gem plays for these songs on the Acoustic tour? Any help would be much appreciated, I am trying, I just would like a little help please?