I just bought a Boss gt-8 multi effects pedal and I would like to upgrade from my spider 2 amp to something of a little higher quality. I have been looking around the internet searching for the perfect amp but I just can't find it and was hoping you could help.

I want a tube amp for practicing in my university dorm (but I will probably be playing with a band eventually so I was thinking around 25 - 30 Watts?), an FX return so I can make the most of the gt-8 (or will plugging the gt8 straight into the input sound just as good?) and if possible a headphone jack for late night guitar playing urges . And all of this for a thousand dollars or less!

I was looking at the Mesa Express 5:25 and it seems perfect except for an apparent hissing noise when the amp is not being played. Recommend me a new amp!

mesa are great amps, no doubt...what is your price range?

doesn´t the boss have effects loop outputs too? if it has, definetly get an amp with a loop (most tube amps have them)

EDIT: oh, i did miss the price range

the peavey classic 30 is great or as the guy below said, a used jcm 800!
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peavey classic thirty combo, fender hot rod. or a used marshall JCM900 or 800
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Thanks for the quick reply guys. Out of those three I'd go with the peavey classic 30 since it's smaller and less loud. An at-home amp is really what I'm looking for.

More suggestions are welcome,