so i decided i am going to get a peavey 6505 combo amp. is that a good choice? i played with it for a while and liked it. is it good enough for ultra brootal music? im talking about the combo not the head.
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seeing as it is one of the highest gain amps, i'd say it probably can...but that all depends on what ur definition of brutal is
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Yeah the 6505 can get pretty brutal- by getting a second hand 5150 combo you can save yourself a lot of money however.
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If the 6505 isn't br00talz enough for you, you've got a serious problem. Check into a gain-addiction rehab clinic immediately.

Yeah, it's pretty much the best high-gain amp that can be had for the money if you go used. Be warned, though, the cleans are a bit sub-par, though they break up into a nice old-school crunch.
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yea man, plus korn is sooo br00tal
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