Wow, I couldn't find a Machine Head thread

Anyway, after seeing them a week ago I have been converted. **** me their stuff pumps me up. "The Blackening" is a sick album, and I'm gonna get the other essentials sometime soon I hope.
So, what do we think of MH?? My fav song right now- Now I Lay Thee Down
There already is a Machine Head thread, probably on the third or fourth page.
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You're losing interest because you're simply not gay enough. Which leads me to believe you aren't cut out for metal.
This is a little weird, I haven't heard anyone even mention machine head in a while, and I was looking for my copy of Supercharger earlier today...couldn't find it....I guess it's not that weird...
u didnt go and see them at brixton on saturday by any chance? i did, and saw them support metallica at wembley. lucky me
machine head are ****ING INCREDIBLE !!

One of the best moments in metal = "Hear me now, Words i vow, No ****ing Regrets"

pure ****ing beauty

dude ?? have you ever had a casual coversation while having sex??

" so erm .. wot do you think of bbc1 ?"
" AAHHHH SH*T !!!! SH*T !!!!! "

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I saw them on the Black Crusade. ****in awesome. They dominated the night
they were good at download...
Though i almost got suffocated to death during their gig their...
Learnt: Don't be at the front during a machine head gig. Especially when you're surrounded with guys twice the size of you... and one of them has a mohawk...
Completely amazing live when I saw them in Cardiff, they blew me away. The tight playing that is, and the circle pits XD