...does anyone on here have(had)/use(used) a Line6 PODxt Pro rackmount unit? I know, i know, Line 6 products suck to most of you, but i've only really heard/dealt with the Spider series, so i'm not sure how they are on the whole.

Anyways, i'm curious because i know In Flames use them for their clean tones in studio and live, and their clean tones sound pretty decent, as do the sound clips on line6's website. But two questions i got:

1. How does it sound? Obviously, it's not tube, so it's not gunna sound "organic" like a tube product would, but still, how is it?
2. It's a preamp, right? So, you would need to have a power amp with it too to play it, or could you just hook it up to a cab? Stupid question (cuz i know the answer for most preamps), but i've heard a bunch of people say they use a PODxt and just plug into the PA system with it, which kinda confuses me.

As I said, I KNOW LINE6 SPIDERS SUCK. But that's not what i'm asking about. any HELP would be much appreciated.

through a tube power amp they sound glorious. its a very popular setup with professionals.
yes spiders are pretty .. awful

but the pods, vettas, and Hd's ( to some extent) are pretty decent.

if you get yourself a POD xt pro, the poweramp is gonna make or break your tone.
Try to get yourself a Solidstate with A LOT of head room, (300 watts plus, you can get some in the 1000's) or a high quality tube poweramp.
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It's similar to the PodXT, just in rackmount form with more I/O's and I believe it has more effects and amp models. They're not bad at all, except the price is ridiculous. If you're serious about buying one, there's A LOT of room on the price of the PodXT Pro, trust me.
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... i know, Line 6 products suck to most of you ...

Not true, UG's hate is really only directed at the Spider series when it comes to Line 6. It's understood that there other amps are pretty good.
line 6 isn't all that bad, its just the spiders
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Pair the Line 6 Preamp with a Mesa Power amp and you'll have great tone!
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