I have a Samick AV1 and the spacing on my low-E string is greater than on my high-E string, meaning the neck is twisted a bit. I want to sell this guitar, and a beginner wont notice this, but I don't like selling products with a known issue. Had the trus rod adjusted, didn't fix it. Any other tips?
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I think what he's saying is he has too much of a conscience to do that.
OT: I think the only way to fixed warped necks is to get a completely new one :\
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Your string heights my just be off. Get a complete set-up, and if that doesn't work you'll probably have to get a new neck to sell it.
yeah, once a neck is warped, you really can't un-warp it. You just need to replace it before you sell it.
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if its not major

then just sell it is it playable? if so sell it

if this is like a ten yearold kid who's gonna end up playing it just sell it it will end up never being played and sitting against the wall
keep letting it twist, the sell it to Torzal ad a guitar twist design.

my insiration for that comment
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Unless you have a dual-truss rod neck, there's really no practical way to fix a twisted neck. If you sell a guitar with a twisted neck to an unsuspecting seller without telling them it's twisted, you're a bastard.

By the way, have you visually confirmed the twist by looking down the neck? Bass strings are supposed to be higher off the fretboard than treble strings.
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