Hey guys, im adding to my pedal collection and was wondering which of the two.
I play mostly hard rock and metal, ranging from bullet for my valentine, papa roach to the chilli peppers. I saw the difference in the delay time, but my question is it worth spending the extra $ for the DD6? or will the DD3 do just fine for the function of rock/ metal solos?

thanks a bunch
i was kinda wondering the same thing
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If I remember correctly, the price difference is minimal, so you should probably go with the DD-6. The only reason you should get the DD-3 is if you really can't justify the extra cost to you and you only plan on using short/medium-length delays.
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tonally, neither are spectacular. but my dd6 is fun and has been doing well for me while i save for a new amp. and i got it used for $75.
I never used a DD-3, but I just kinda lucked into a DD-6 (went to the local chop shopping looking for a used delay, and that's what they had). It's sounds good and it's very flexible. I can get some crazy sounds going with it. I'm very happy I bought it.