Poll: Did/do you play DOS games?
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25 58%
5 12%
No, but I am aware of them
6 14%
What's DOS?
7 16%
Voters: 43.
Ah nostalgia...

Thanks to the internet I have just "received" over 8 gbs of DOS games ranging from the 80s to the late 90s. Since it is such a massive list, I would like to know your favorite DOS games so I could get to the good ones.

Just to start out the thread, mine are:

Doom I
Doom II
Jazz the Jackrabbit
Commander Keen
Wolfenstein 3D
Duke Nukem 3D
Leisure Suit Larry
Maniac Mansion
as I recall doom was out of dos. that has to win hands down. original doom?now that was innovation for the time, creating the FPS. like the spark that blew up the gas station.
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Quote by tasty licks
as I recall doom was out of dos. that has to win hands down. original doom?now that was innovation for the time, creating the FPS. like the spark that blew up the gas station.

I believe that Wolf3d created the FPS, although there were other first person games out before that even.

But yes, the original Doom made the genre extremely popular.
Oregon Trail (although it was more of a Macintosh game, it was also on none-the-less)
The Elder Scrolls: Arena


there are some other ones, but they aren't much of games
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There used to be one called 'Gorillas'. I loved that game sooo much.
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Doom II
Wolfenstein 3D
Risky Woods
Leisure Suit Larry and Passionate Patti
Lion King
sim city 2000
Command & Conquer
Warcraft 1

Too bad they didn't make a diablo back then...
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Hmm. Warcraft is good. Doom is good but you've already got that. I never understood the Commander Keen games though. Just really boring platforming if you ask me. Of course it took me forever to get them to work on my computer so that kind of took the fun out of them in the end.

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Quote by Blash
Yeah, I love old DOS shooters, they're incredible. I was addicted to Wolfenstein, ROTT, and Blake Stone when I was a kid.

Just wondering, has anyone here ever play Rise of the Triad? Best DOS game ever <3

Oh yeah, I forgot to add that.

I found the freeware version of it in my Duke Nukem 3d files back in the day.
^^^^^ I remember Gorillas. I used to play that when I was in the army. Lots of fun when we should have been working.
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it's a DOS ASCII game for those of you who don't know what it is. And might I add that it was Awesome!!!!!
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leisure suit muhfuhkin larry

theres a new-ish one too! MAGNA CUM LAUDE!
I was a big Descent player back in the day . I still break out the ol' Descent II CD's every once and a while.
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Star Control II. Pure awesomeness.
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