Wondering how much I can get for my Jackson. Its only a year old, it needs a new input, and there are a few small cracks in the headstock. It has some visable dings, but other then that it plays great...


Let me know with any offeres. I wont get pics untill I hear a decent offer that I will consider. Thanks.

Trade for a 1990 S540 Saber? Its in players condition, but so is yours? I have pictures in my classifieds. I would be really interested if you could get me pictures of the crack in the headstock and dings. Thanks.
Can you deliver to the UK?

If so then I'd be interested in making an offer.
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No thanks.. Wouldnt really be a fair trade.

it would be a fair trade, trust me a 1990 S540 is a much better guitar than the Jackson.
About $350-400 depending on how much postage is going to cost. Does that sound like a good offer to you?
350 is pushing it, but 400 sounds good. Add me on MSN messenger or some kind of messenger and we will talk. All the names are in my pro.
My offer for the Saber still stands. Seems like a pretty fair deal in my book, plus its just a guitar I want as I have new pups for it anyway.
Man, if you had that S540 when I was selling my DXMG this summer I woulda been all over that

TS, for how much you can get for it. I sold mine to a local guitar shop for $420.
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How does the saber handle shred and metal? What all is wrong with it?

It handles Joe Satriani style stuff very well. In terms of metal though I would say its less "Metallica" metal and more "Dream Theater" metal in terms of what its geared for. I'll have to to dig up my post but I can get you a run down of the specs and all the little dings and what not.

EDIT: HEre you are:

Mahogany Saber Body
Black Cherry Finish
(Black?) Cosmo Hardware
IBZ/DiMarzio Pickups: F2 Humbucker Bridge, 2 C2 Stacked Hums Neck and Middle (I understand the F2 is basically a Breed, while the C2 Stacked hums are the HS2)
Original Edge Trem
Volume and tone control
5 Way Switch
22 Fret maple neck
Rosewood fretboard
Original Wizard Neck
Abalone Oval Inlays
Custom Made Inlay at 21st Fret

Condition: 6.5/10 (Players Condition in my book)
Has a small ding on the front and back
Has a ding/wood-bearing chip on the upper horn
Has a pretty nasty chip around the jack, like someone tried to shove an angled jack in it
One of the original tremolo locking blocks is missing and has been replaced; works fine
Minor hardware finish wear, probably an 8/10
Minor fretwear, with very small indents in the first 2 frets
Finish Crack in neck pocket (maybe an inch long, is purely in the clear)

I can get detailed pictures weather providing (due to lgihting issues i nmy hosue) today or tomorrow.
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