Not sure what genre thsi would fit under but the music for it is mainly fingerpicking arpeggios.

I broke up with my GF a few months ago. I was also very depressed well before that and decided to do some therapy. I wrote this one morning while in sitting in group therapy.
This is obviously about her. Its not the best I have done. The words just kinda flowed out as I needed to vent my feelings.

Into The Blue

You pulled on my soul
Like a puppet on a string
You made my heart cry
You made my heart sing

Your love tore me open
Ripped a hole in my heart
Keeping you at a distance
I'm getting a new start

You went to far
You went over the line
But I'm doing better
Yes, I'm doing fine

The pain,
It's fading away
It's drifting off
And I'm doing OK

So off you go
Into the blue
Your love was a bitch
And so are you
not bad, a little emo in some parts, but it's understandable
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Yeah, thanks.
I'm not much at lyrics writing although every xmas I used to write a poem for my GF.
Most were humorous. I also wrote one about her before we were together and just knew each other as friends. Maybe I'll post that later this weekend. Its kinda emo too.
I'm more of a Classic Rock kinda guy though so I dunno why my lyrics seem to be emo so often.
It was a really nasty breakup, and after knowing each other for about 9 years, I really just needed to vent.

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