I have. I wouldnt say its made up, but i've never seen it used before. i've played in Open Em. Its EBEGBE. Makes Barred major and minor chords easy, and power chords are played the same as in drop D. Also, i've used EGEGBE, for A-string power chords.
not possible to make up your own tuning, they are all already made and named, you discover them no make them.
I made up my own tuning. its called stringing the guitar and leaving it as is tunning, haha jk. but it is possible to make up your own tunning
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I'm not saying technically "making up" but using ones that are never actually used. I guess i should say using something other than dropped or standard.
The other day a friend of mine fooling around tuned her acoustic to EGEGBE and came it with a pretty sweet song in a matter of minutes. I don't know if the retuning is entirely necessary to play it, but it did lead to her coming up with the song, so whatever.
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I was tuning my little bro's classical guitar recently, and I got bored, so I tuned every string to 'A' in one octave or another...He was really annoyed at me, but it actually sounded kinda cool cos of the harmonising
Ive done open E9 thats sweet...

Oh crap I forgot about the other day when i tuned the 3 bass strings to F# and kept the other three strings in standard. I could play like light little chord patterns then like grindcore. That was sweet too.
The best one i've made up is CFCBCG#

It sounds so hellish and evil. I've written quite a few songs in that tuning, I was proud. My first step into the experimental music world.
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I'm gonna detune my electric to the point that every string barely makes a noise and is just so damn low it might as well be a bass. Or get different gauge strings and uptune it.
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I like CGCGBE. 6, 5, and 4 tuned in Drop C fashion with the remainder kept in standard. You can do interesting things with this.
Keep in mind that there are literally billions of possible tunings (including tunings that will probably damage your guitar) and that most of them are named systematically. For example, the tuning above could be called Open Cmaj7.
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I did my B string down to an A. Its nice if you play like F G A bar chords but you dont bar them if you get what i mean like 133200 or 133000 etc. Sounds really serene
I didn't make it up but on a 5-string bass I like ADGCF a lot.
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