The first electric guitar I got was a Schecter Tempest Custom, because I wanted a versatile guitar that I could use fairly well for all different kinds of music. It's done really well so far, but I've been really looking for a guitar that I could use for lots of heavier rock, and mainly metal.

I've been looking at what the guitarists I listen to most use, and what I like the most, and the two guitars that look to be my best options are the Gibson Explorer, and the ESP V.

I was wondering what everyone knew from experience and thought about these guitars, or if there are other guitars with a similar/better tone and bodyshape that you think are better.
They aren't hard to play sitting down, but they do force you to use better posture, well me to anyway. It really helps because my V sits like it does when I stand up so I can pretty much practice sitting down all the time and stand up and not have to get used to it. V's FTW!
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If you're gonna get an ESP V, be aware that you're going to look ridiculous playing anything but metal with it, whereas with a Gibson V the slightly less-radical body shape stands out but is acceptable for other genres. Ditto the Explorer - I can't think of a single popular music genre where an Explorer would be too weird to use.

Choose whichever one's playability you like more, I suppose. The ESP is most likely going to be faster, but I really like Explorer necks. Not too chunky but enough "heft" that it feels good to put your hand around. Of course, that's going to be entirely subjective. Give both a try.

Personally I'd go with the Explorer but that's only because I've been GAS'ing for one. Both are great guitars, really.
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I've always wanted the Explorer, ever since Metallica delivered me from crappy nu-metal and pop rock into actual good music.

But there's something about a V, and a real metal guitar, that seems to beckon me.

Though, it's a real pain in the ass that Guitar Center doesn't seem to deal ESP guitars.
Explorers are good, but I don't like the pickups.

I'm not a fan of V's myself, but a lot of people are, and they have awesome features. The ESP V-500 is great. Try that if you play metal.
I'd say get the ESP Ex or the Gibson V, that ESP EX400 is soooo nice, if you want to play metal this is the guitar for you
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Oh yeah and personally i think the ESP Vs are horrible looking, if you wanted a V for metal then get the Micheal Amott sig the Ninja
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i really love the gibson explorer, great sound and plays great,

BUT BE AWARE if you get a Gibson play it first! I have played about 10 Gibson Explorers and only 2 of them were flawless...Gibson quality control pretty much sucks nowadays, so play them and look at them closely before you buy one
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