I have a guitar and it has a crack in the wood at the back... the crack is 5cm long and less than 1 cm deep. It is on the right hand side in the middle of the horn thing....

1) will it cause my guitar to split?

2) how worried should i be?

3) what can i do about it????

Yeah, i'd be worried. I don't think it'd be wise to take any chances with it, no matter where the split is.

Take it to a guitar shop and see what they say. Do you still have warranty on it?...because..that's pretty ****ed up.
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Post some pictures
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Hahaha, ok I would be worried, it may grow longer and deepen. I would get it checked out if I were you and try not to play it for a while Just to see if it grows.

I think that happened to Steve Vais guitar and the crack eventually went through the guitar.
Did you use a chisel on your guitar? I once used a chisel in my guitar, now I have cracks

Not knowing what your doing FTW.
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no i did not use a chisel....

no i did not cause the cracks.....

I dont know how they got there...
looks like you might have to put a supprot plate on the back of the horn. if worst comes to worst you'll have a new lefty to play!!!
when you said it was a crack, i was thinking.. meh maybe its just a finish crack.

but that looks like it COULD get real bad. see if you can pry it open just the smallest bit and see if its a crack or a badass scratch. (wood has some give, your guitar shouldn't tear in two.)
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^ lmfao seriously, take it to a professional bro.

at least thats what id do
It looks to me like a crack in the finish, rather than the wood...
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Pry a crack open? I wouldn't recommend that...

bah, it wouldn't hurt it unless you put too much force in..

Is that an RG321 btw? if its cracked its pretty safe to say it wouldn't be worth repairing, since a job like that would cost half as much as the entire guitar.

quick edit: just had a thought, try knocking on the wood a bit around the crack, if you can hear a slight buzzing sound, that will tell you there's some damage. of course, no sound doesn't mean there no damage either.. :/
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i can confirm its a crack

tough break :/

take it into a shop and see if you can get a deal on a repair or if its even necessary.
if the repairs cost more than $100 i don't think its worth your time since the RG 321 is sort of a low to mid range guitar. (if thats what your guitar is.. it looks an awful lot like it!)

needless to say i wouln't play that guitar standing up anymore since the crack is right inside the horn
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If it was me, I would try to rub some glue into the crack then mask the crack with a blank finishing pen or similar.
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Try to fix it yourself
but.......if you must take it to the shop. And dont call customer service and talk to haji for 60 minutes........
Uh.. It's on the horn, I don't think there is too much force acting on it. I wouldn't worry about it, looks very shallow (looks like a scratch). Worst case scenario would be.. better upper fret access? It's not like it would change the sound.
yes...its an rg321... no its not really mine....

i shall bring it to the experts..... and see what they have to say
You should get it looked at; I wouldn't take my chances on leaving it by itself with an injury like that.

Good Luck!