I'm getting a multi-effects pedal for Christmas for around $200-$300 more likely closer to $200. I am looking at a Boss ME-20, a DigiTech RP-350, and a Zoom GFX-5. I really like the Boss ME-20 sound. I haven't gotten to hear the others. The zoom looks like there are better options but I have no clue as to whether its a good pedal or not. Could someone please help me choose one...and if none of these any suggestions in that price range?
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^Consider that coz the GT 8 is TEH BEST MFX, now if you can't haggle your way to a deal consider the RP-350 I have it and I love it, its awesome, now I'm a beginner but the reviews that I read and the guys here at Ug said that it was the best in its price range. Plus it can show you almost all of the effects out there so you can later on decide what you need and what you don't need, when you're going to buy single pedals.
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