I've been trying to get my T-60 back up to speck all night and i'm in need of a little help.

*note: the T-60 is equipped with a phase switch, which is connected to the bridge humbucker. if you want to see what i'm working with, check out the schematics here: http://peaveyt60.com/mods&hotrodding.htm

Here's what's going on with the pickups:

Neck pickup - works great.

Both Pickups - Phase Switch Down: full sound, not much change from the neck position. Phase switch up: slight volume drop, loss of some low end.

Bridge Pickup - Here's where it gets screwed up: Phase switch down: extreme volume drop. I have to crank my amp to hear it at all and even at full volume, it's barely audible. Phase switch up: very thin, twangy tone. hardly compares to the fullness of the neck pickup, like it's 2 different guitars. I know the bridge pickup is supposed to be more treble/mid heavy, but this is just not working right.

Earlier tonight, I replaced the phase switch. for about 2 hours, everything worked GREAT. sound on the bridge p'up was back and everything was rocking. I was playing around for a while and then i switch to the bridge and BAM same ****ty tone i was dealing with before the toggle swap.

I was just playing around with the amp's volume way up so i could hear the bridge pickup at all. I think the tone pot on the bridge and it might be the culprit. with the phase out, when i roll the knob, it has louder spots, but marginally louder. - come to think of it, i think i turned the tone knob all the way down right before i went back to it and when i turned it back up, that's where the tone suffered.

further, if I pull UP on the tone knob, it gets louder. is it time to break in there again and swap that tone pot too? is there a bigger issue i need to worry about? Grounding maybe?
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the humbucker is wired either parallel, or reverse phase.
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it's wired to the original specification. I think it's the tone pot that's the problem. the sound shouldn't have a jump when i pull up on it.