does anyone know alot about this stuff, cuz i jusst heard about it and im already in love with it. i looked at the fernandes site and it looks like its just an adaptable chip, but something tells me you have to buy these built in with a fernandes guitar. anyone know if you can buy these seperately and if there are any inconviniences that i could run into if i were to install into an ibanez gsa 60. anyone have a small price idea, and actually what is it that it actually does? sorry for the ADD style questions im just going crazy on this thing.

thanks much
They're a type of pickup, I think with a certain magnet, there are two settings, one just sustains your note, the other turns it into a harmonic, youtube "Steve Vai sustainer" and you can watch Steve Vai work his sustainer, however he uses it a HELL of a lot (he has one on many guitars, most notably Mojo and FLO)

You need to have some more room routed out of your guitar so you can fit the switches and battery and stuff.
You can buy them in 2 different type of kits. 1 prewired and 1 unwired. You have to replace your neck pickup with the 'pickup' that comes with it, the actual sustainer. You put it in your neck pickup position, the system produces a magnetic field that causes the strings to vibrate which then causes infinite sustain. It works as a normal pickup when not in use.

As stated above, extra routing may be required as a chip and a battery cavety needs to be built in. Also, 2 switched need to be built into the body to operate the device, which may need drilling.

The prewired FSK-401 retails for about $250 or something. The unwired FSK-101 for about 100 less. There are differences between the two that you need to check.
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i'm putting one in my guitar. you can get it in single coil or humbucker
i didn't know you could even buy it pre wired. As far as i'm aware, you must replace the neck pickup with the sustainer one, then there is the chip, well a big chip, and i think there's a knob or switches that go into your guitar to control it. i'm not sure if they replace your guitars current one's or are seperate