What's your settings for boost, or pedal alone.
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if i want it more of a boost, then i leave it on at max-ish level, 2-3 o'clock tone, and 9 o'clock or less gain. if i want it to just supe up leads and rhythm and purposely add some dirt to it then i have the gain really high, tone at about the same and level to taste
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Best setting: Off.

Just kidding. I played a couple of TS9's and TS808s at a local store, and I like the level up high, the tone at about mid, and the gain low.
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tone- 11 ish
gain- nine ish.

I boost my 5150 with this. Sounds killer.

If you boost. I highly recommend going against the grain and NOT turning the level up all the way. It adds a ton of feed back. I experience this with my od9 ( which is a keeley modded to the original 808 specs). Great pedal. Had it for a few years now and use it every day.
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