What are the pro's and con's of it? I'm considering buying it and making upgrades or is it not worth the effort and I should just go ahead and buy a Gibson les paul studio?

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If you're gonna get an Epi LP, Id say either get the Les Paul Custom or the LP Elite, its awesome and the satin neck feels awesome.
well buy the gibson if you wanna spend 1000 more dollars, i have epi LP, great guitar for the great price, and im planning on putting duncans in it soon, i love the feel of it, the finish is mint also

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well, what country are you in? that'll affect prices, and possible other recommendations, a lot.
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I think the Epi is a good buy - put in some better electronics (new pots, wiring capacitors and PUs) and it'll make a brilliant guitar, that IMO will be somewhat more aesthetically pleasing and comfortable than the Gibby LP Studio whilst (perhaps?) sounding as good.