I don't know if it's just the area I live in. But I haven't seen Mello Yello in FOREVER.
I used to love that drink. I'd probably buy a can just alone for like $15. I'm that tempted.
we don't have any commercials for mello yello here in the states, but they have it in every coke machine
I hate Mello Yello. It didn't have enough fizzies.
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MOUNTAIN DEW happened to Mello Yello.

No, Mello Yellow happened to Mountain Dew, and it failed.
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My favorite is sun drop, but its impossible to find unless youre in the mountains here in NC
Surge replaced Mello Yello, then Mello Yello replaced Surge, then Vault replaced Mello Yello in some markets. I know it isn't available back east in New Jersey, but they have it out here in Nebraska.
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oooo, vault is good. ive only had it once tho in b-town with my buddy. its better than mountain dew imho.

and i think ive seen mello yello at krogers, but im not down that aisle lookin for it...... (its the beer aisle too )
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I'm not sure if they still have it in cans/bottles. I know lots of fountains still have it though.
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I just had an amazing idea.

Mountain Dew+Surge(almost impossible to find in the States, nowadays; even if you found it, it'd be expensive and out of date)+Vault+Mellow Yello=possibly the best concoction evar?
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im gunna go on and say i think sprite f*cking ROCKS
and its the best lemon lime soda ever.
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Quote by itsxsteves
im gunna go on and say i think sprite f*cking ROCKS
and its the best lemon lime soda ever.

YES! +100000!!! I love Sprite! I don't know if it's rare or not but I used to drink this drink called 'Sarsi Cola' or something like that. It was the bomb. I never see it anymore though.
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I never see it in cans or bottles, but I do see it in some fast food restraunts . I like it alot, way more than Mountain Dew.

I was just watching COPS and this lady on coke came out of her car with a Mello Yellow bottle. Two liter to be exact.
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