I actually posted this song before, but I changed quite a bit of it, and included lyrics (no vocal melody yet though.) And I changed the name.

((I'm looking for a few people who might want to collab with me in recording it, let me know if you're interested =]))

EDIT: fixed
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wow. this song sounds great. with RSE it sounds just like the instrumentals of a song id listen to. flawless.

and i really liked the solos. they fit perfectly with the rest of the song. the ending was neat too.

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i forgot i was listening to something written by an unpaid artists [thats good]

-riffs, choruses

-mabey a little longer

nothing at all

couldnt find a single flaw
overall: 10/10 great job

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oh and im willing to help with recording
message me on that, most of it seemed with in my level
although my equiptment is rather subpar
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