a trombone. Horns blow.
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im getting the C-1 Hellraiser Baritone and replacing the EMG 81 with my Zakk Wylde EMG 81

****in great dude
joining heads, your avatar made me lol!
Photoshopped the hell out of that picture in the good old days. Good times.
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a trombone. Horns blow.

very good.

he uses a gibson LP. its purple and kinda gay looking. thats what I've seen him use at every show Ive been to.
I love my...

Parker Nitefly Mojo - custom
Schecter 006 Hellraiser
Ibanez S470QS

Mesa / Boogie F-50
Vox AD50VT

Seagull Artist Studio cutaway I-beam

Ibanez ATK700
Ibanez Soundwave 35
Gibson Les Paul > Digital delay pedal, Chorus pedal, Compressor/sustainer (Dont know what ones) > Triple Rectifiers or Marshall Mode 4 Amps.

Thats what he told Guitar.com at least.

He also uses Ernie Ball Musican guitars too, but mostly Les Pauls.
Chris mainly uses Gibson Les Paul's.... he mainly uses a les paul standard, but has recently been known to use a Les Paul Goddess (or "the gay purple one" as someone on here said... learn your guitars, lol)
He has also used Music Man Axis guitars, and I believe at one point he used an Ibanez.

I don't know what effects he uses, because i've not looked into it in full, but I do know he used to use a Marshall JCM 900, and currently uses a Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier.
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