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---Arm In Armed Conflict---

To end a jovial game:
beetles emptying carapaces of
cascading, crumbling Capulets.
love is a war.

One voice raised is dissent
two voices raised?
Well, that's argument.
Three or more voices raised?
Could just be a joke. But trust me:
this one is a riot.

To be in love is to be at war.
my bedroom is a battlefield.
I am conquering in faraway places
and I am besieged in my living-room.
My best defense is priesthood.

But then again, faith is a war.

---Cookie Cutter Swastika---

I. Melt.
forming yet another stalactite in the base of this abyss
Stress. Fractures.
Paralyzed in action, thoughtless yet in motion.

I’m just another cookie cutter swastika,
in need of something to hate.

My nameless foe ticks on.
Glossy “I’s” dancing, soaking in my ache.
His relentless punches bruising,
falling out of ceaseless hands.

I’m just another burning flag,
in need of something to rebel against.

I. Break.
Shattered pieces disperse throughout the cave.
Heart. Ruptures.
Never thought life would end this way.