There is a possibility that i will be starting a band that plays primarily hip-hop, with a drummer, bassist, keyboardist, vocalist, and me on guitar. Where would some places be to start learning to playing hip-hop, or rap music? What techniques are necessary to play on a intermediate level, and what other styles should i incorporate in my writing?
There's an intermediate level of rap?? i thought there was just the terrible kind and the occasionally good.

but seriously, idk from what i've heard they either just use power chords or maybe 9th chord stuff, which are both pretty simple

go look up tabsfor rap and hip hop songs
and you will figure it out

or listen to rage against the macine or linkin park
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There's an intermediate level of rap??

An intermediate level of instrumentation.

Would incorporating the styles of funk and jazz musicians possibly help?
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go look up tabsfor rap and hip hop songs
and you will figure it out

or listen to rage against the macine or linkin park

I'm not so much looking for that rock/rap hybrid, more of like the roots.
Put some funky feeling into it, you know, rhythm, funky chords,
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i'm not a super big fan of all rap but i do like some eminem, snoop dogg, dre, kanye west, bone thuggs n harmony and some other. i've noticed some things

1) rap generally has fairly simple instrumentation that is yes, somewhat repetitive (you don't have to follow this though) often times an entire song will just be a simple chord progression which brings us to the next point

2) what makes a song stand out is the arrangement of the instrument, you might have a piano bit for the verses and in the chorus sections other instrumentation is brought on top of it to give it a larger sound

3) have fun with special effects to make your guitar sound like a guitar. although i've noticed that over the past 6 or 7 years guitar is more prominent in rap than ever before there are still tons of songs that sound like keyboards pretty much beginning to end. that being said, experiment and have fun with all the weirdness you can do with your guitar

4) rap music generally draws from classical, funk and dance music, ie: techno/d&b/jungle/hip-hop (obviously) at least in the original sense. remember, rappers have been remixing blues, country, rock and everything else and putting their own spin on it for years (personally i dont like this, but people do it and i mention this so as not to limit yourself to what kind of sound you THINK you should have in comparison to what sound you COULD have which is virtually limitless)

these are just some things i've noticed. hope this helps!
id figure it wouldnt be too hard... it seems like its really based on riffs, which could easily be turned into power chords for the chorus, and generally repetitive song structures. would you be planning on using mostly acoustic or electric instruments? if you want a real rap sound, id recommend electric instruments with possibly the use of a turntablist. if you want a more hip hop or r&b sound, id reccomend acoustic instruments with maybe another instrument thrown in there(flute, trumpet, sax?). this is a really neat idea, send me a recording once your done this
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Early hip-hop usually just used samples of funk songs. If your going for a more modern rap sound, I guess you can just play some short power chord riffs that go well with the vocal rhythm, drums, and bass. Keep it simple, and if you do any leads, maybe use some reverb or subtle delay.

I don't have any experience with playing it, but if I had to, that's what I'd do.