I'm about to sell my amp and cab on ebay and I was wondering if I could get some tips from some of the more experienced ebayers out there.

1) What's the best time and date for my auction to end at (i.e. when the MOST POSSIBLE PEOPLE are online and available to bid)?
2) Does setting NO RESERVE really make people bid more? (cause it is risky!)
3) From a "psychological perspective" do you think it's better for me to put up free shipping or a large shipping cost (keeping in mind the shipping will be QUITE EXPENSIVE)... i.e. which one looks "cheaper" (putting "free shipping" would result in the shipping cost basically being included in the price of the item)
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i think you can put it up for x days in such a way that you get the busiest time of the week twice or something
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Don't put free shipping, that will not make people bid more enough that it covers the cost of the shipping. Tell them to email you with their zip code so you can calculate the cost.

I like putting things up on Sunday for exactly 1 week (so it ends on a sunday) because that gives me a day to contact the buyer if I need to and send it out on monday, it's just very efficient since nobody ships on sunday anyway.

I personally do not like bidding on auctions with reserves. I know it's psychologically tough putting something up without a reserve, but if your item is well known, popular and in high demand, you shouldn't have to worry about it. If it is obscure and/or unpopular, put a reserve or just start the auction at the lowest price you will accept.
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bid on your own item or get a friend to do it from a different ip address (i didnt say that or do it lol)