Hey all, well, I'm looking to do a Grindcore/Death metal/Thrash/Progressive band, and I need people to do that obviously. I live in Crossville TN and I'm Looking for people who are interested in writing mostly death and thrash with hints of grindcore and progressive elements thats different and Interesting. but the catch to this offer kinda comes here

If you DON'T live in TN but happen to be desperate enough to give it a shot. I would like to take a leap and try an online band (Basically a band in states or cities close by who can't make it and compose over recordings or Guitar pro) who if it starts to look promising like it could actually go somewhere. Certain peoples if possible moving to one location to continue the idea.

My phone number is 1931-456-6685 and Idealy what I'd like is

Guitar player who can do vocals (Screams or growls or cleans or 2 or 3 of those)

Bass player (5 string bassist who doesn't just stick with the guitar and above mentioned considering a guitar player)

A drummer who's VERY fusion oriented (Think Darkane, Death, Opeth)

And a Keyboard player who is good with atmosphere if at all possible

If interested, Call me or get in touch with me over myspace


Do NOT send my PM's because I do NOT check these very often, call or myspace me.
I live in Knox Co. Kentucky

which is like 20 minutes away from tennessee.
i dont know how far out in tennessee crossville
but on the weekends i dont have nothing to do.

give me some more details about ur location

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